Harvest Prayer and Fasting

God’s Word references the spiritual discipline of fasting over 70 times. Fasting is not commanded of Christians in the New Testament, but is a discipline that enriches, strengthens, and deepens a Christian’s spiritual walk. In denying the natural flesh, believers become more in tune to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit at work in them. It has been said, “Prayer connects us with God; fasting disconnects us from our flesh.”

In Matthew 6:16, Jesus tells His followers, “When you fast” and proceeds to give specific instructions about how they are to fast and pray. It’s interesting that Jesus didn’t say ‘if’ you fast, He said ‘when’ you fast. This tells us that Jesus assumed His followers were going to fast.

Throughout scripture individuals fasted for several reasons:
  • Jesus fasted 40 days in preparation for overcoming temptation.
  • Daniel fasted 21 days in order to receive a revelation from God.
  • God’s people, the Israelites, fasted on occasion of consecration and repentance of their sin.
  • The Early Church believers fasted to receive direction from God and out of that season sent Paul and Barnabas out as missionaries.
  • Jesus stated that some bondages and spiritual perils are only overcome with fasting.
  • The people of God fasted in consecration calling out to God for revival.

The spiritual benefits of fasting are numerous:
  • An increase in spiritual awareness of God’s presence
  • Understanding of spiritual truths and insights
  • Direction for life and ministry
  • Enriches time in prayer and worship with the Father
  • Victory over enemy strongholds
  • Releases renewed power for spiritual warfare
  • Prepares hearts for revival and fresh encounters with God

Biblical fasting may take on several forms, but most commonly, it is abstaining from food for a season of time. The most basic of needs in our human flesh is food. To deny and take authority over any fleshly cravings is an act of surrendering our desires to God’s spiritual desires. Some medical conditions may create a need for modified fasts. Wisdom should always be used.

Some ideas on how to participate in the Harvest 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting:
  • Skip one or two meals a day for 21 days.
  • Skip all meals one day each of the three weeks.
  • Skip one meal a day for six days of the week, and all meals on day seven.
  • Skip all meals for 21 days. (Consult with a medical professional beforehand).

The objective is not legalism, but discipline for the sake of seeking the Lord.
Additional things you might choose to fast for 21 days:
  • Turn off, or significantly limit time on social media.
  • Skip or scale down television and internet time.
  • Give up coffee.
  • Secular radio. Replace with praise and worship music.
  • News radio talk shows.
  • Skip or limit coffee intake.
  • Give up video games.
  • Anything that consumes meaningless time from your life.

Again, the objective is not to be legalistic, but to give the time you gain back from what you are giving up, with more time for the Lord.

Things you could do with the extra time from your fast:
Read the Bible.
Journal using the SOAP method.
Scripture – read a passage
Observe – write down what the passage is saying
Application- write down how you will apply the passage to your life.
Pray – write a prayer to the Lord based on your observation and application.
Listen to worship music while praying and reading the Bible.
Be still and quiet and listen for the Lord to speak.
Write it down
Read and reflect on the daily Harvest Devotion written by Pastor Mark.

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