Overflow Devotional Day 17

Day 17: January 25, 2023
“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”

While online recently, I discovered something I didn’t know. Actually, I discovered several things that were useless, but for sure, one that was interesting and logical. Socialite bloggers are big on proper quest etiquette when attending a gathering in someone’s home. They all seem to agree on one fact- it is proper that you bring a gift to the host. Hum, if I had known this earlier in life, I would have thrown a lot more parties. These etiquette educators also agree that these gifts do not have to be elaborate and expensive. Rather, something small such as flowers (preferably not from the hosts garden), chocolates, a small plant, something from a popular local bakery, are all adequate gifts. The idea is to expresses to your host that you’re honored and grateful for being invited into their home.

Speaking of bringing something to the party, today’s verse admonishes you to bring blessings to others regularly. In God’s economy, generosity is foundational. Scripture over and over refers to the overflow of God’s provision in response to a generous heart. To bring a blessing means to be about serving others, easing the weight of their load. It can be giving in a monetary fashion to bless and meet someone’s need. It can be the right words of encouragement at the right time. The idea of “bringing the blessing” is to be one, who out of gratitude to the Lord, is generous with His blessings. In doing so, you are assured that you will always have His blessings to bring.
What can you do to bring the blessings to someone in the next few days?

Lord, I thank you that you are so generous to me. I am certainly blessed more than I deserve. I pray that you will help me to be the one who brings your blessings into others’ lives. Give me your attitude of generosity, and show me today, who I could bless for you. Amen.
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